End-to-end Solution for Plan Sponsors

Plan sponsors engage service providers because they deliver very specific value to participants.  

Plan sponsors engage DOL Cybersecurity LLC because we focus on assessing the Cybersecurity risks associated with these services providers.  We ensure compliance with DOL guidelines, have a deep understanding of ERISA, have talented cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience.

Our end-to-end service provides all of the planning, management, execution, and reporting of the assessment process.  It allows our clients to achieve and maintain DOL cybersecurity compliance at a lower cost and using far fewer internal resources.

Subscription Model

DOL Cybersecurity makes it easy for clients to maintain compliance through a subscription model.  We will automatically update reports so clients stay compliant without additional effort.

With a subscription, annual costs in subsequent years are lower compared to performing a new assessment each year.

Solution Approach


In the Setup phase, DOL Cybersecurity establishes the processes for efficient end-to-end operation of the assessment project.

  • Kickoff with stakeholders
  • Branding: outreach materials, reporting, etc.
  • Automation: processing and tracking


During the Outreach phase, compliance information is gathered from all service providers.  Multiple channels are used including e-mail, Web forms, and phone for follow-ups.

Progress and status are visible to client via electronic means.


After materials are gathered from service providers and clarifications are received, reports are generated.

  • Executive/Board report
  • Detailed report with summary


For clients with subscriptions, updates to service provider information is ongoing.  A new set of reports will automatically be generated on an annual basis.